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Product Number:201
Product Name:Column porous filter
Product Summary:
Overview of column porous filter
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      Filter column porous filter housing and related accessories made of stainless steel are used SUS316L, Surface finish up 0.04 um, designed to fully adopt international advanced card with fast connections, no dead space, easy to clean, high-temperature sterile, in line with the GMP standard. Major parts of the filter membrane filters all the material chosen the world's most advanced porous filter (PSF, PTFE, polypropylene) used a hot-melt process, inviscid structure, no loss, cleansing and stability , Filtering high-precision products factory have been 100 percent integrity testing, met the U.S. HIMA bacteria interception test requirements. Compared with the flat film, with unparalleled high interception rate, a high note, low dropout and broad chemical compatibility. Various models, all kinds of filter material and the use of stainless steel casing match, users can meet a variety of filtering requirements.

The Main Purpose: 
Biological products in the pharmaceutical industry, serum, injection, the terminal Chujun oral liquid filtration; antibiotics fermenter Chujun the air filter; Traditional Chinese Medicine, drinks clarification, Chujun filter; electronics industry in deionized water filters, and other terminals.

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