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  FLT Filtration System
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Product Number:FLT-Nx(Rx)
Product Name:FLT-Nx(Rx) series filtering system
Product Summary:
Overview of FLT-Nx(Rx) series filtering system
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The system was developed in Hubei Tilter to the international standard of new filtration system. It uses imported composite membrane, not effective in adsorption, the entire system-wide use of stainless steel pipe connecting hardware, health level of imports of high pressure pump for power source ,0-50 HZ frequency control, safe operation, convenient and easy to clean. The two filtration systems based on the different products, with the use of each other, can play a better concentrated effect.

FLT-Nx (Rx) series of biological filter system widely used in genetic engineering, pharmaceutical, chemical, natural beverages and oral liquid formulations of enrichment, with good results. And the process can greatly save energy, environmental protection, good effect.

Apply To
Small molecule peptide-peptide liquid and similar products such as the purification, concentration (such as thymosin, brain protein hydrolysate, various enzyme); liquid antibiotics desalination and purification, concentration; freeze-dried products, dry spray products, Whey, the dehydrated fruit juice, concentrated. The compact system design, remnants of small, high concentration of, to improve efficiency.


Model FLT-Nx(Rx)
Filter Area 14.6 m2 (May need to enlarge)
Filter Media PS.PVPF
Handling Capacity 500-800L/H
PH Range 2-13
Maximum Tolerance Pressure ≤1.2 mpa
Work Pressure ≤1.0 mpa
Models Driver 0-50HZ Arbitrary adjustable
Power 1.5KW / 50HZ / 380V
Pipe Material SUS316L
Dimension 1000L × 600W × 1700H

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